Fentanyl Patches


Fentanyl (Duragesic) Transdermal Patches

Available dosages: 75 mcg/h & 100 mcg/h Patches

Imprints: N/A

Shape/Color: N/A

Manufacturers: Sandoz Pharmaceutical Co., Mylan & PriCara 

Delivery time:
USA: 4 to 24 hours
Canada: 1 to 2 Days
International Delivery: 3 to 4 Days

To treat your moderate and severe pain.

Buy Fentanyl Patches Online

Patients can Buy Fentanyl Patches Online HERE .Dr shid pharmaceutical is the Best Online store where patients can Buy Fentanyl Patches Online . Fentanyl Patches Indicate for chronic pain in opioid-tolerant patients, severe enough to require daily, around-the-clock, long-term opioid treatment and for which alternative treatment options are inadequate .Discontinue or taper all other extend-release opioids when beginning fentanyl transdermal therapy . Buy Fentanyl Patches Online from our Online Medical Shop for the treatment of your pain.

Buy Fentanyl Patches (DOSAGE)

Fentanyl Patches from our online store and follow the dosage and administration prescribed . To be prescribed only by healthcare providers knowledgeable in use of potent opioids for management of chronic pain.

  • Use the lowest effective dosage for the shortest duration consistent with individual patient treatment goals .
  • Individualize dosing based on the severity of pain, patient response, prior analgesic experience, and risk factors for addiction, abuse, and misuse.
  • Initial dose selection: consult conversion instructions.
  • Each transdermal system is intended to be worn for 72 hours.
  • Adhere to instructions concerning administration and disposal of DURAGESIC.


Buy Fentanyl Transdermal Patches Online from our Online Store , but beware of the side effects .The possible side effects of DURAGESIC;

constipation, nausea, sleepiness, vomiting, tiredness, headache, dizziness, abdominal pain, itching, redness, or rash where the patch is applied. Call your healthcare provider if you have any of these symptoms and they are severe.

  • Mild to Moderate Hepatic and Renal Impairment: Initiate treatment with one half the usual starting dose, titrate slowly, and monitor for signs of respiratory and central nervous system depression.

Do not abruptly discontinue DURAGESIC in a physically-dependent patient


Before you Order Fentanyl online follow the contraindications .

Opioid non-tolerant patients.

Acute or intermittent pain, postoperative pain, mild pain.

Significant respiratory depression.

Acute or severe bronchial asthma in an unmonitored setting or in absence of resuscitative equipment. Known or suspected gastrointestinal obstruction, including paralytic ileus.

Known hypersensitivity to fentanyl or any of the components of the transdermal system.


Risk of Increased Fentanyl Absorption with Elevated Body Temperature: Monitor patients with fever closely for sedation and respiratory depression and reduce the dose if necessary. Warn patients to avoid strenuous exertion that may lead to increased body temperature .

Life-Threatening Respiratory Depression in Patients with Chronic Pulmonary Disease or in Elderly, Cachectic, or Debilitated Patients: Monitor closely, particularly during initiation and titration.

Fentanyl patch can be found in various doses. such as:

25 mcg/hour
50 mcg/hour
75 mcg/hour
100 mcg/hour
125 mcg/hour
150 mcg/hour
175 mcg/hour
200 mcg/hour
225 mcg/hour
250 mcg/hour
275 mcg/hour
300 mcg/hour

This drug is known by quite a few different trade names. It is common practice now to see individuals taking fentanyl as lollipop. It usually last for about 15 minutes and it gets absorbed right through your mouth. You can however still swallow it like with other medications.

Alot of fentanyl is gotten from china and either altered in china or in the United states. It is a schedule 2 narcotic and scheduled 1 illegal drug.


Fentanyl is known by many names on the streets. Common names include: Apache, China girl, China white since it comes from China, Dance Fever, goodfella to name a few. It is often sold as white heroin.

Fentanyl is commonly mixed with or its substituted for heroin. You can swallow it, snorted it, take the blotter paper in, inject it.

What to note is that fentanyl is 50 – 100 times more potent than heroin so care should taken when used. About 30 people die of fentanyl overdose daily here in the usa.


Do not use this drug in people, who have not used or have not become tolerant of the action of one of the opioids, like hydrocodone or oxycodone. You have to be using those drugs first. This is not a drug to be used for acute pain, intermittent pain or after surgery. Fentanyl is not used for short periods of time or even for mild pain.

Please do not use if you have some sort of respiratory or intestinal diseases, not for people, whose intestines do not work correctly.

Also those with a history of addiction and mental illness should stay away from this completely as it will only make matters worse.


Fentanyl has been known to interact with antidepressants commonly called MAO inhibitor and such interactions can lead to urinary infection and problems with your intestines and respiration.

N.B : Fentanyl is very addictive and dangerous, much care should be taken while using it.


1 Carton (5 patches) of fentanyl 50mcg/hr, 1 Carton (5 patches) of fentanyl 75mcg/hr, 1 Carton (5 patches) of fentanyl 87.5mcg/hr, 1 Carton (5 patches) of fentanyl 100mcg/hr


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